Anagram Airport Round Trips

I was looking for commercial solo XC candidates from my home airport using Kyler Laird's search engine. I fly from 7S3, and I found that both 73S and S73 (or even both in one trip) were suitable. I already knew that 3S7 was nearby, but unfortunately 37S adds about 800nm to the trip (there is no S37).

Recently Paul Tomblin hooked me up with a copy of the FAA airport database, so of course I had to write the world's ugliest Perl script to find all the collections of anagram airport identifiers and then calculate the shortest round trip. I only kept ones with at least 3 of the 6 possible permutations. Here are the first few (by total distance) for each number of permutations (first and last airport is the same, for easy flightplanning -- I expect someone named "Guido" from to show up on my doorstep any minute):

41.8 - I73 3I7 37I I73
115.6 - 6F5 56F F56 6F5
158.3 - 78A 8A7 7A8 78A
175.1 - C18 C81 1C8 C18
199.9 - 1B9 9B1 B19 1B9

248.2 - 7C3 C73 C37 73C 7C3
259.4 - 80F 08F 0F8 F08 80F
273.6 - 8A0 0A8 A08 08A 8A0
293.0 - 0C2 C20 02C C02 0C2
300.7 - N07 N70 07N 70N N07
308.7 - 43G 34G 3G4 4G3 43G

398.0 - 1N7 17N N71 71N 7N1 1N7
402.2 - N41 1N4 N14 14N 4N1 N41
630.4 - M03 30M 0M3 M30 3M0 M03
642.6 - S12 S21 12S 1S2 2S1 S12
647.5 - M20 2M0 0M2 20M M02 M20
692.4 - 1F4 F41 14F F14 4F1 1F4
(1472.3 - S73 37S 73S 3S7 7S3 S73 the trip that got me started)

(complete list of ones with all 6 permutations existing:)
778.5 - U01 1U0 0U1 10U 01U U10 U01
928.6 - 7N4 N74 74N N47 47N 4N7 7N4
1011.0 - 0S5 50S 5S0 S05 05S S50 0S5
1286.9 - K36 3K6 63K K63 36K 6K3 K36
1568.2 - 5M1 M51 15M M15 1M5 51M 5M1
2973.8 - 34U 3U4 4U3 43U U34 U43 34U
4035.5 - S63 36S 3S6 S36 63S 6S3 S63

I want to fly one just to file with WX-BRIEF... "Route of flight will be uniform zero one one uniform zero zero uniform one one zero uniform zero one uniform uniform one zero and back to uniform zero one."