Flying Stuff

I got my private pilot certificate in April, 2002 and my instrument rating in March, 2004. I fly a 1965 Piper Comanche 260 based at Twin Oaks (7S3).

Cost of Airplane Ownership
An online, interactive spreadsheet that estimates the cost to own your own light aircraft.
Private Pilot Journal
My experiences learning to fly, recorded as I flew the lessons. I really enjoyed reading other peoples' logs so I kept my own. By the time I got to my instrument training I was sick of the monotony of everyone's IFR training logs, so I didn't write anything down. Now I sort of wish I had...
Private Pilot Flight Log
Printable E6-B
The aviation standard circular slide rule, in handcoded PostScript for your printing pleasure.
N8674P (pictures)
My airplane.
N53161 (pictures)
The first airplane I flew (and the first airplane I solo'd). A Cessna 172P owned by Eagle Flight Service.
Anagram Airport Round Trips
If you're fascinated with patterns, look no further.